It’s a given that the most anticipated Wearables is the iWatch. With that said its timely (pun intended) that Woz spoke about technology we can expect for the future (which is now) to the ASI audience in Orlando
It’s no wonder Apple hired the CEO of Burberry from the fashion world. It’s just a start.Wonderful Wearables Technology

Wearables Technology: want your clothing to express your mood? There will be an app for that. And there’s a whole lot more coming soon.

This is technology that will transform how you think about Wearables here and right now.

The Next Big Thing: Fitness, health and wellness are dominating the Wearable conversation and with good reason. Not for just staying fit and being fit. Imagine what a Shirt could do if it monitor someone recovering from a Heart Attack for example.

Health industry take note. With evisits on the climb and potential real time monitoring of a patient at home. The Health Industry is also going to rapidly transform itself.

In a recent industry article by C.J. Mitticca “The next revolution in apparel? Digital clothing that will forever alter branding and reinvigorate the way we live our lives.” This year 13% of consumers intend to buy a Wearable Fitness device.
At the recent massive CES Show tech items dominated the conversation and media reports.

Can you imagine a T shirt that changes color from a touch of a smart device button?

Imagine the fun Marketing and Branding your image on Apparel that is dynamic and updatable?

Bars and Resorts – watch this space! The cost of this technology is rapidly dropping.

We’re on the cusp of a whole Marketing revolution. Drone-vertising, 3D Holographic Models, what’s next?