The last thing that we need in right now in Florida is another Red Tide, but Lake Okay-Choke-me ( #Okeechobee ) is likely to be opened up due to its high 16′ water level and more than usual higher capacity inflows. Read on…

Is Red Tide Back ?

Red Tide Free so far.

Already October has far surpassed the normal of incoming moisture which doesn’t bode well for future years as Hurricanes alone increase, move more slowly and have an abundance of warm water to help fire up their engines.

As of this coming Tuesday or Wednesday the West Coast can expect a load of nutrient laden waters in the range of 2.59 billion gallons (yes you read that right!) heading to our waters still in the state of recovery since our last major bout of Red Tide and the East Coast gets around half of that at 1.6 billion gallons A DAY. Go figure? Why the difference? Capacity maybe? The discharges could last a month or more with currents running recently (I’ve observed) mostly heading north, that water is likely to affect much of our West Coast I would think. Hopefully I’m hopelessly wrong.

The Fishing Fraternity have seen a slow return to better fishing in our locale Venice Florida. Local businesses certainly don’t need another whammy while dealing with COVID-19.

For more information Captains For Clean Water are well worth following for the latest updates with a recent post from them and TCPalm Treasure Coast Newspapers for an in-depth article on what we can expect.

Meanwhile I really, really, really don’t want to be off the water AGAIN for months on end thanks to #Redtide and Polluted Water, Nor no doubt last nights Beachgoers enjoying Socially Distanced time in the Open Air with a Spectacular Sunset on a perfect #Florida Evening. Fingers crossed.

Want to help protect our beaches? Click this link #CoastalYomper