#WozUp? Excuse the play on words… The Word from Woz

This coming Tuesday we expect to hear some fascinating insights on whats in store in 2015 from Steve (Woz) Wozniak the visionary Entrepreneur of Apple fame. We can’t wait…

On the agenda, his personal vision on the future of technology, including the Internet of “things,” singularity, no-touch interfaces and natural language processing, and how it will change our personal and professional lives

(We’re always experimenting – glued attention here.)

How to drive extreme innovation and creativity within your organization

(We’re considered to be a Disruptive Organization. Early HubSpot and Technology adopter despite being in business for over 20 years – more rapt attention.)

[Disruptive? Disruptive Business’s that challenge the status quo i.e. think HubSpot, Inbound Marketing, uBer, AirBnB]

How to drive brand loyalty and keep customers for life

(I guess 20+ years counts)

Successful Entrepreneurship

(the benefits aren’t always monetary. Quality of life, being able to follow your passions. Time is far more valuable)

The importance of encouraging hands-on learning and creativity in Educational settings and in on-the-job training. (think we have this covered, check out The Taste of Pine Avenue and SSAS)
A Timely talk – Technologies are rapidly making business and our lives easier. Computing has become more personal with a more personalized experience with Smart and Mobile devices.

Quantum IT? We recently started coining a phrase “Quantum IT”, why? This year after a recent trip we found for the first time that the “convergence of technologies” had allowed us to achieve more and better leverage our time.
Less hassle – without all the work-arounds.

Whats in store for 2015 and beyond? WozUp – Woz? We cant wait to hear… Follow our posts #WozUp

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