Google’s Search Engine Algorithm Still Rewards the Most Relevant Content

Zurich, Switzerland - 24 June, 2015: Google sign on the wall of the Google office building. Google is a multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products.It’s no secret that Google is the overlord of search engine optimization — the tactics and overall strategy marketers use to show up, or try to show up, on the first page of an organic Google search. Google’s share of the search engine market has slipped slightly in recent years, but with its still robust 75+ percent, the company remains the titan of the industry. That means any discussion of search engine optimization must focus heavily on making Google happy.

And there’s the rub.

It’s also no secret that Google continually moves the target, which means savvy marketers must stay on a proactive footing when it comes to SEO for Google. But the company’s most recent move is shattering for marketers, who’ve spend years inching up the organic search ladder. This is particularly true for online publishers, branded names and other heavily used terms.

The growing consensus regarding this shift is that Google is weeding out old, repeated and irrelevant content from the top of its search returns and replacing it with a variety of content that answers questions about the searched term.

And that leads us to the advice we always give clients regarding their online content: stay relevant; be unique. Let’s think about what Google wants. Google wants to retain and even grow search engine market share. It’s the company’s bread and butter. How do they do that? By giving users exactly what they want: the content that provides the best information about the searched term — now with an additional reward for that which is unique.

We said in previous articles that “Content is King,” and that remains true. Your content must answer what Google searchers would want to find after “googling” a term (as it is now a verb). In other words, think about your likely audience and what they would want to see when they reach your site, and give it to them.

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