What’s New With Facebook in 2015?

Demographics are Changing: Despite numerous reports in 2014 claiming that young users were abandoning the social network it has become clear that that just isn’t the case. Not only does a younger audience remain but FB has also recently gained a number of new, older followers. Just because you didn’t think your audience was on FB two years ago does not mean that is still the case.

Campaigns MUST be Mobile Friendly: This is just as crucial for FB as it is for every other aspect of your digital strategy. FB has 1.32 billion users and 30% of them ONLY access FB on their phones. Moreover 89% of people are on their phones during they day. These numbers are only increasing everyday. If your campaign is not mobile friendly you are missing out on a HUGE potential audience.

Facebook Pages Are No Longer a Free Way to Promote Content: For years Facebook has shifted away from promoting Fan Page content on fans Newsfeeds. First they dropped the promised reach to 10% of the Page’s fan base then 3% and most recently the “Reach” of Page posts has begun to drop below 1%, if that. In other words, if your Fan Page has 300 likes (aka fans) there is a good chance that ONLY 3 of those fans will see you content displayed in their Newsfeed. Facebook claims this is their response to what fans want but the more obvious reason is that they would like to push Fan Pages toward paid advertising.


As always, the more high quality and interesting the content you are sharing on FB, the more likely it will be shown in fans Newsfeeds. But with the recent Facebook updates that has become more difficult than ever. At Allard PPC we are on top of all of the newest FB trends for 2015 to ensure your success in the new year.

What’s New with Facebook Campaigns in 2015?

  • Adding a Call-to-Action Button to your Timeline
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Facebook Stores
  • Coupon Apps
  • Contests and Meaningful Rewards
  • Paid Advertising