Early adopters of wearable technology marketing will be the winners

Illustration with word cloud on Wearable technologyThe world took its first giant step forward with wearable technology, WT, at the introduction of the Apple watch earlier this year, although to be fair, wearables have been here for a while. Look at fitness trackers, kid and pet trackers, glasses, watches, rings, pendants and the list goes on, but a tsunami of wearables is coming. Even so, many businesses and marketers have taken a wait and see approach to wearable technology, watching to learn how popular these devices are and how useful they might be.

At Allard PPC, we think this is a mistake. As with other breakthrough technologies, we can only expect more of the same and a quickening pace at that. According to Business Insider, the global wearables market will reach 148 million units sold annually by 2019, up from 33 million units shipped this year.

That’s pretty dramatic growth. So clearly, wearables are here to stay and, properly used, will be a potent marketing tool not only for promoting businesses, ideas and products — think celebrity worn clothing that changes marketing messages and devices that provide feedback beyond anything on the market today — but also for harvesting valuable intelligence about what consumers want.

So in keeping with our company mission to provide “Smarketing Solutions for Business, Community & Planet,” we are advising our clients to get a good understanding of these marketing tools, how they work and how they will be useful for promotion and consumer insights.

At Allard PPC, we take seriously the role of trusted partner with your business. We consult on emerging best practices in web marketing to keep you on a proactive footing and have your back if you ever need us.



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