Credder Aims to Aggregate Scores of News Articles

Fake News! We hear it nearly every day when people don’t agree about the facts or apparent slant of a news story, and frankly, it’s not doing anyone any good.

You might recall our article from December 2017 Innovators Start News Rating Website, in which we talked to Chase Palmieri, who along with Jared Fesler and Austin Walter, founded Tribeworthy, now Credder.

We’re following up to tell you that the war against fake news is ongoing, and Credder plans to play a big part in winning it.

Palmieri told us the investor-backed site goes live to the public later this month.

“We’re excited to be opening to the public on May 27 after months of being invite-only,” he said. “We’ve closed our angel round from some of Silicon Valley’s top angel investors and our platform is stronger and sleeker than ever. is just the first step in our larger mission to accelerate the news industry’s transition from a click-based to a credibility-based economy.”

To learn more and support the budding media revolution, visit Credder.