Ready-Steady, GO!

We’re about to get glued to the TV for the London Olympics— which despite doing the necessary “Couch Time” is going to have a lot of us really Motivated to get out and enjoy some physical activity in some form or another. Biking by-the-way is underway this Saturday!

Just in case no-one noticed, its kinda warm out there at the moment and the number 1 piece of advice we all hear is to stay hydrated…


Which brings us to our personal favorite Sports bottles one intended for the biking fraternity and one that wasn’t, but gets used extensively for that purpose anyway.

I thought it worth to check some online ratings of Tervis Insulated Tumbler and Clean Bottle a previous Shark Tankcontender, both get high ratings. Both are available to be imprinted with your logo for almost any event, company or cause.



We’ve been finding the Sports fraternity, Healthcare, Auto Dealerships and Hospitality Industries have a particular liking to these products and each one has it’s own merits.

If you like your beverage cool [or hot for that matter] the Tervis is the way to go. Biking in Florida during a height of  summer day makes for a welcome C-o-o-l drink and for more extended trips I’ll go full-tilt and use my Camelback full hydration reservoir!

I really like the ability to be able to deconstruct the “Clean Bottle” too, makes for an easy clean-up,  instead of the grunge that ends up in the bottom of the bottle which seems almost impossible to clean and in many cases means “tossing” the bottle, hopefully in the recycling bin.

Benefits: BPA free [no point in getting healthy and ingesting BPA!] Made in the USA in Clean Bottles case it was the main body only but that might of changed since an earlier post. I’ll confirm and update this post.

Anyway enjoy the London Olympics spectacular, I know we will!

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