Join Us In This Effort To Make the Returns on Investment Reach More than the Bottom Line

We’ve always been strong proponents of #ThinkGloballyActLocally at Allard PPC and our sister company VRA Associates, but we want to be clear that there’s a lot of “local” out there. And of course, it’s all global. We also want to stress that this worldview has multiple applications.

Allard PPC has always been a company that cares about sustainability. In that realm, #ThinkGloballyActLocally means even the smallest positive changes — whether they are efforts that lead to cleaner water, produce less waste or fewer greenhouse gas emissions or a simple act of kindness to a stranger or business dealings that have the good of all parties in mind — have a global reach in their impact.

Well, the same can be said of working locally with companies, organizations and even artisans, using our international connections to give them audience far beyond what was possible in the past. It also means that our intellectual talent also has global reach.

While we’ve been taking this approach for decades, it’s really catching on out there as the world shrinks thanks to the internet.

At VRA Associates, we’ve managed to expand the markets globally of small operations that create high quality promotional products and offer these unique gifts to our clients. Take for instance new premium products — Italian Solar Powered, Inflatable Candles from Modena, Italy, beautiful stone bead jewelry and unique washable bags that are customizable — that we discovered on our recent premium promotional products hunting expedition.

These pieces are available in retail settings and so have a high perceived value to customers who receive them as promotional gifts. We’re already seeing this play out on social media, where these items are a huge hit.

We also do this for medium and large companies, Tervis for instance, whose products are getting all kinds of positive attention around the world.

The same is true of our intellectual talent pool of professionals who are experts in every aspect of marketing. Daily, they put their considerable ability behind efforts locally and a continent or half a globe away, raising the profiles of our clients.

So if you know someone, a company, a talent who cares about local but can grasp the idea of leveraging that on a global scale, tell them to call us. We’re always looking for unique products and services to offer our clients.

At Allard PPC and VRA Associates, we’re always here to answer any questions you might have about how we do business and how we help our clients realize their full potential. Call us today.

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