With the ever rapidly increasing pace of new channels and platforms for engagement the “Golden Age of Marketing Technology’ is giving us unparalleled choices, capabilities and even better — less cost.

Marketing Automation is allowing for almost unheard of measurement tools let alone the degree of intel and measurable ROI. And yet there are a very limited number of practitioners, hence the “ Rise of the Internet Marketing Specialists and Technologists ”.


Since this is a relatively new field in comparison to traditional media there is also quite a degree of collaboration with the new practitioners that would have have a traditional agency aghast in horror… how things change!

Opportunities for new players and “Disruptive Innovation” | Brands are embracing change, think Proctor Gamble for example and for many CEO’s, COO’s and CMO’s albeit not fast enough according to recent reports — departmental silo’s?  It’s no longer an option. If your company doesn’t “get it” your competition probably will.

And actually the new rules of marketing allow for more learning and adaption, its actually kinda fun.

Internet Marketing Specialists need to be innovative, creative and once again be adaptive, as you can almost guarantee if there is not tool available today,  tomorrow there will be. There will “an app for that” — a platform or feature we hadn’t thought of yet. It’s an exciting future!

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