It’s Also Changing for the Good How We Relate to One Another

We recently returned from some globetrotting that we undertook to promote and grow our companies and, of course, for some fun and relaxation.

Don’t worry. This isn’t Allard PPC’s blog version of a vacation slideshow. We promise. We’re telling you about our travels because, In the midst of them, sitting with one of our potential Italian vendors over some excellent wine, we had a sudden realization of just how much our world has changed.

We are living in the era of the global worker, the global citizen.

Gone are the days when we had to “go to work.” Gone even are the days when we had to work from home.

While we still have the office part of our home, we simply don’t have to stay there if we don’t want — or if it suits our business or our fancy to be in the UK, Italy or India. You name it.

As much as we love helping our clients grow and make the world a better place, being tied down puts a damper on anything. So while we sipped Italian wine and took account of our global citizen world, we realized just how much this life makes work feel more like a creative endeavor, an exploration of being human in a different place and culture.

American goods at Harrod’s of London.

As long as there’s wifi or a cellular connection, we are good to go, and we’ve yet to find a place that doesn’t have it, even in the middle of the Atlantic. This mobility allows us to reach clients and vendors in the most remote locations and allows us the honor of drawing them into the larger world. It builds business and, more importantly, human relationships that might not otherwise exist

What we’re finding because of this is no surprise. People are people, no matter where you go, and warmth and welcoming are the default setting in every culture we’ve encountered.

So we’ll leave you with the notion that the way we and many millions of others now do business in the world has changed, and that is changing how we relate to our fellow humans. We believe this can only be good at a time when the darker elements on earth are trying to push a different agenda.

We’ll keep you up to date on how our company is adapting to this world. Call us today so we can share what we’ve learned with you and talk about how we can help your business do better for itself and the world.

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