We all love our mothers here at Allard PPC, but the mother we all love best is the one we’re standing on.

You read that right. Of course, we mean our Mother Earth, the magnificent blue marble, the drop of life in an ocean of space, our home.

If you didn’t already know it, today is Earth Day, and we want to remind you that there’s a lot going on that you can take part in today. You can check that out here: The Weirdest Ways That U.S. Cities Are Celebrating Earth Day. But if none of that suits you, simply search “Earth Day events” on Google.

We think it’s fitting that, this year, the Earth Day focus is on ocean plastics. It’s fitting that we focus on oceans because they make up most of our home planet. More importantly, life on land has never survived without life in the ocean. The reverse — ocean life without life on land — has been the case for most of the earth’s history.

So the oceans don’t need us, but we certainly need them, and we’ve tried to do our part to share what we’ve learned and inspire others to do whatever they can toward ocean conservation and sustainability in general.

Our most recent efforts to do this can be found here: #630CoastalYomper and here: #663CoastalYomper where we talk about efforts here in Florida and in our founder’s “hometown” area, England’s South West Coast that features the South West Coast Path.

Allard PPC has for decades worked to protect and preserve our ocean playground, and we hope you’ll join us — for yourself and for future generations.

If you ever have any questions about our efforts toward conservation and sustainability or you want to learn how we can help your business grow through our strategic marketing efforts, please contact us.