As Holiday Season production swings into high gear, it’s a perfect time to address some of the issues we see cropping up in the Tervis Insulated Tumbler ordering process. Namely…

  1. Artwork requirements
  2. Layout and Design
  3. Options
  4. Ordering

Artwork and Layout:  #1 this is where we are seeing the most requests for help, and its generally for the newer vinyl inserts. The embroidery patches are relatively straight-forward process.
Hands-down the most popular size is the 16oz Tervis Insulated Tumbler, so this makes a good place to start.

The artwork needs to be provided in an .eps file (true vector format). This is imperative  and any additional graphics need to be as high as possible resolution. Believe me, grainy artwork looks awful!
Layout and Design: Graphics artists,  you’ll be pleased to hear a brief discussion with us is going to save you hours and headaches. Generally we can take care of the majority of questions and issues on our end without necessitating any additional charges. If you need the whole design created from scratch we can certainly do that too with a design fee.

Virtual Proof:  we are also offering (by request only) a FREE virtual proof to help you visualize how your Corporate, Collegiate and Non-Profit logo would look like. Fundraisers, Auto Dealerships and A/C distributorstake note we have specialized programs geared towards your industries too. Bear in-mind it will take a few weeks to have the virtual proof generated,   particularly the closer we get to the holidays. Just click on the button above and mention Tervis Tumbler coupon (TVIR107) in your request Pre-Production (physical) proof.

When your Virtual Rendition is completed you can create your artwork for production within our guidelines OR have us do this for you. Even better! For a minimal fee a set of 4 physical proofs can be created. You will be credited the cost for the pre-production samples when the order is processed.

Lid: don’t forget the lid! The Traveller lid gets the most “likes” so far. There’s a good range of colors to select from. Choose one that goes with your color scheme to create that “knockout” Tumbler

Packaging: the majority of our orders are “bulk” packaged. However, if your going to be giving them for gifts, or loyalty programs for example you really should use the Retail Packaging to enhance the overall look. Anyway it’ssustainable, its cardboard,  and recyclable too.

Shipping: Production becomes a variable at this time of year. Tervis runs close to capacity, despite the recent expansion of its new wing this year (see factory tour) As the Christmas orders build so do the lead times. It’s a case of order “sooner-the-better”   to beat those holiday deadlines.

It’s also worth noting that Tervis invariably gets positive media attention during the holidays. After all its “Made in the USA” right here in sunny Venice Florida! The only reason I mention this, with media attention as in Christmas last year with ABC’s Diane Sawyers report, invariably Tervis gets even more slammed with orders, jamming the production lines even further.

More help… we’re seeing considerably more interest from University’s, Collegiate and Sporting organizations to have their own customized logo added. Tervis has high visibility in this field (no pun intended!) with a considerable number of licensing agreements, such as the NHL and MBL for example.

Their latest big hit is the Tervis Insulated Sports Bottle. We will revisit this product in our next article after some extensive use of our own and feedback from our customers.

Tervis Insulated Tumblers are available through our  Ad Specialties Distributorship,  VRA Associates A Sarasota County Green Business Partnership member (as is Allard PPC), Allard PPC is a Promotional and Internet Marketing and Consultancy Agency

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