With some of our Swedish friends in town (Thomas Johansson, Ice Hockey Player and Yngve Blomstrom) for July 4th celebrations — then next weeks Kick-Off of their Sunshine Hockey Camp in colaboration with the Tampa Bay Lightning,  we thought this would be a good opportunity to get a factory visit of the Tervis Insulated Tumblerfacility which already produces the NHL licensed versions, particularly as we are already avid fans of their range of tumblers for our own personal use and as Corporate Gifts — And of course they’re local, Made in the U.S.A and for peace of mind, have to ahere to the stict Prop 65 compliant requirements

The Tervis Tour… I’ll go into a series of articles of our visit as even since my last walk-through there has been a considerable number of innovative changes including products, technology and robotics including   “Optimus Prime” helping out to name but a few.

Tervis Tumbler Coupon — good through to September 15th, 2012 we are offering 10% off first time orders (minimum of 200 pieces – Personalized Tervis Tumblers only, call or email for details)


The Sunshine Hockey Camp — is being headed up by Thomas Johansson – no advertising, just word-of-mouth, the youth camp was quickly filled up. Sunshine seems to be one of the main advantages of this camp with the family’s being able to enjoy the best that Florida recreation has to offer whilst the students fly around on the ice getting some great Ice Hockey tuition, meeting new friends and then being able to thaw out after Rink time! From what I hear Beaches and Shopping are pretty high on the list too;  a bit different than Northern Sweden I guess.

The schedule of Youth Camp starts early next week, time allowing I hope to get a peek at the activities… more to follow

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