Oops – a bit remiss on my blogging for the past few weeks, all for a worthy cause though — several cause sponsorship projects in the works all considering the potential inclusion of Tervis Insulated Tumbler as a fundraiser product with all the benefits of being Made in the U.S.A, Lifetime Warranty, Recyclable and mass appeal to name but a few.

Why are we so passionate about our Tervis? First WE USE them and have loved their products for over the years. We give them as gifts and our friends loved them too — all before they were famous! They are also local (act local, buy local) and a fellow Green Business Partnership member. Their more recent retail branding and imprinting particularly the vinyl wrap has been very well received and they continue to excel, despite the wanna-be competition. They’ve also been receiving a great deal of good national media attention.

10% off your first Personalized Tervis Tumbler order. Call or email for more details…



Made in the U.S.A

BIG Time Likability

Table Ring Armour

Virtually Unbreakable

Lifetime Warranty

Dishwasher Safe

Prop 65 compliant

Meltdown Resistant

Keeps drinks COLDER

Keeps drinks Hotter

Offer good to 9.15.12

Mention code: HSPTT

There seems to be a move more towards “Flight to Quality” these days so this in mind we turned to Tervis to collaborate in “getting creative” which is fairly easy to do when you have the relatively new full “vinyl wrap” imprint to play with.

Part of the imprinting process under consideration is the inclusion of a creative custom QR code similar to the one we’ve watermarked above which will allow for a multitude of potential offerings depending on the clientele and objectives —  for non-profit community for example;  the inclusion of a mobile site landing page with options for donations, volunteering, ability to get involved with the conversation and much, much more.

To help with the creative process a great way to start is the use of a template like the 16oz included (we’ll be shortly adding a downloadable pdf template with more tips so watch this blog in the coming few weeks), which helps immensely in the layout creation. Don’t worry about bending those elements though, we take care of that on our end.

Tips for artwork:

1. If its a picture/graphic a minimum of 300 dpi is the minimum dpi for quality.
2. Logos and other elements… true vector format eps files, eases the design process immensely
3. Vitual proof: We’re offering a no charge virtual for a one location imprint (not the wrap version yet though). For a full wrap virtual it gets a little bit more complicated and we’ll provide more information in our next posting
One caution though: Everyone loves their Tervis Insulated Tumbler… so expect to be asked for more after your first order. Assuming you’re considering ROI bear in-mind that the Tervis Insulated Tumbler is going to be be viewed multiple times day over its long lifetime. Unless you lose it of course!

If you’d like some more ideas to help you include Tervis Tumblers as a Fundraising idea or help generate more traffic and conversions contact our Internet Marketing Specialists Team … at 941.412.0437 option 3 or email us, we’ll be happy to help.

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