After some of our most recent Tervis Insulated Tumbler projects with relatively new Vinyl wrap we knew we had to come up with a far more seamless system to enable customers ;   as well as ourselves minimize the email thread stream and employ some time saving methods.

As a result we’ve been creating more of our own systems some derived from our Internet Marketing Specialists programs,   working with clients on Social Media campaigns,  which depending on the scope of the project can become more the a little convoluted.


#1 on the agenda was some intensive collaboration with Tervis (a fellow Sarasota Green Business Partnership member) — with the first result being a template for the ever-popular 16oz tumbler — with other sizes to follow soon.

#2 Artwork: It seems to be come a real issue for quite a few customers to provide artwork/graphics in the correct true vector .eps format   – particularly full four color process images. So we took matters into our own hands processing the graphics in-house as part of a package which includes…

#3   Pre-Production samples (after the digital “Proof” has been approved). This gives everyone a chance to see how the finished version will look like before the production process starts. This really seems to speed up the end result making everyone happy.

If you would like to receive the 16oz Tervis Insulated Tumbler template click the button above to request one.

We also have several projects in the works utilizing Tervis Insulated Tumblers as a  Fundraiser, offering a very unique delivery method to help build donations and an Income Stream for Non-Profits. We’re adding in the options of Custom QR barcodes, Mobile donations to name but a few — we’ll provide more details as we go along …

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