In the latest of new Technology products in our #VRAwhatsNew series we take a look at the Interactive Calendar.

Seen at the recent ASI Show Orlando the Interactive Calendar gives the ability to tell “your story.”

For example A Non Profit can show how effective their organization is….

Let their volunteers tell their story – let their Followers show theirs – the ability to give a heart-felt sincere “thank you” for donations – and let the Sponsors show why they support your cause.

Mobile: in the U.S. The adoption rate of Smart devices is around 74%. This Custom Interactive Calendar gives the Mobile user the opportunity to interact at potentially Follow, Volunteer and Donate.

A calendar is in front of the recipient almost 365 days a year with a average of 9 views a day.

Promotions? We will be offering a early year discount promotion on our Promotional Products Distributor site within the next few weeks which will include custom mailing and shipping options. Watch this space! Information and links will be added to this page.