Full article by Dr Dave Randle can be found here: Sustainable Tourism  The Taste of Pine Avenue ProjectSustainable Tourism

Recalling of past U.N. actions related to sustainable tourism.

  • An effort to build upon the Sustainable Tourism Workshop and Outcome Document of the 65th Annual UN DPI / NGO Conference and the Samoa Pathway that calls upon the tourism industry for increased certification using the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s criteria.

  • A call for the tourism industry to address the issues of climate change and ocean acidification through a reduction of carbon use in the industry.
  • An acknowledgement that the tourism industry can play a major role in poverty alleviation, economic development, protection of cultural heritage, and protection of the environment.
  • Encouraged that tourism develop education programs that build lifelong conservation values, and develop an ethic to protect the environment for both present and future generations.
  • A call for greater integration of sustainable food practices including composting, local sourcing, and reduction of waste.
  • A call for Heads of State or Government to take a proactive role in the development and promotion of sustainable tourism initiatives and the forging of dynamic entrepreneurship initiatives at academic institutions.

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