Show Off Your Company’s Environmental Values with Sustainable Promotional Products for Earth Day

Hand holding earth on world clouds map background Elements of this image furnished by NASAEarth Day, April 22, 2016,  is only weeks away, so time is running out to consider ecologically sustainable promotional products that show your company as being sensitive to environmental concerns — especially considering that the buying public is keenly aware of such things. And while we think every day is Earth Day here at Allard PPC and VRA Associates, it is also a special time to recognize the accomplishments of others and redouble our own efforts to be the best stewards possible for our planet.

On the sustainable promotions front, if you want to make a splash in time for Earth Day, we urge you to consider something from among our sustainable promotional products available here. We especially want to emphasize our “Seeds of Change”line of sustainable promotional products, encouraging growing plants.

We also want to take this time to salute those who dedicate themselves to ecological efforts that make our communities and the larger world a better place to live. We do that by emulating them, as in the case of Ross, founder of Allard PPC and VRA Associates, with the help of Rob Wright of Sarasota Counties NEST (Neighborhood Enviromental Stewardship Team) and a dedicated team of community residents and past and present proactive association board members.

For more than a decade, Ross has helped lead the effort in the community of Waterford in Venice to take on the challenge of improving water quality and creating stable, healthy shorelines for wildlife to use and residents to enjoy.

The result is natural shorelines enhanced with GeoTube (see video) that create a more stable setting for natural plants, water birds and other wildlife.

His hope is that when other communities see the results, they’ll do the same, and this eco-friendly approach to water quality will spread.

“If you give people the knowledge, you give them the opportunity to do the right thing,” he said.

We think any promotion that encourages good stewardship of the earth is beneficial to our clients and, more importantly, our local communities and the planet. Contact us today so we can help you choose the sustainable promotional product for Earth Day that best represents you, your product or organization.

At Allard PPC and VRA Associates, we take seriously the role of trusted partner with your business. We consult on emerging best practices in web marketing to keep you on a proactive footing and have your back if you ever need us.

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