#AllardPPCletsGoSee… What makes this project so significant? It involved so many Community Partners.

UN recognition: In a recent special United Nations Consultation session at the Patel College in Tampa, the UN recently recognized ALL the Collaborative Partners that brought their diverse range of expertise to the table.


How did Allard PPC become involved? With of years of integrated Social Media Marketing, Eco Programs and Philanthropic Marketing programs under our belt we were lucky enough to be in the “Right place at the Right time”
A moderator was needed for a broadcast by the local station METV [Vid] to help in giving some insights to the depth and breath of the program – those insights were provided by…
Ed Chiles of the Chiles Group – who’s famed local restaurants include the BeachHouse, which later hosted a tasting of sustainable local foods

Nan Summers – a past Disney Marketing Director (if anyone can pull programs of this magnitude off – Nan can.)

Mike Miller of Perfect Island – who’s nutritious edible islands grace Anna Maria Island main street and soon Lakewood Ranch.

Stan Doerr of ECHO – who’s organization helps with World Hunger issues in 118 countries (at the last count.) Their facilities at Fort Myers are well worth a visit and are truly inspiring.
Who benefits from this type of program? Everyone!

  1. Businesses benefit by Consumers purchasing their products and services, receiving brand lift.
  2. More Consumers demand and hold accountable Businesses to be ethically responsible.
  3. Communities and Partners benefit. Social Media Marketing helps leverage, engage and provide metrics for proven ROI (Return on Investment.)


Cause Sponsorship and Conscious Capitalism.

One of the major issues for almost any Conscious Corporation is to find a seamless program they can throw their weight behind.
Preferably proven, with a team that can deliver the results and work directly with your Business team.

Your answer just might be here. If the United Nations awarded the “Taste of Pine Ave project” for its achievement – think would we could do for you!

Like to know more? 9414120437;100 or email info@allardppc.com