If You Want to Reach Customers, Go Where They Socialize With Social Selling

Social Media Network Sign on white backgroundWe are not the first ones to call Facebook the new town square, but it bears repeating that this and other social selling platforms are where people meet friends, share a laugh, get up on their soapboxes and generally connect to the rest of the world. It’s also where they can discover your company product or service and learn to love what you stand for before they figuratively or literally hit “buy now.”

Talk to any seasoned salesperson and they’ll tell you that a social connection is very often the first step in a sale. It’s even more important as the groundwork for relationship building, which can lead to continued sales over the long term.

The astronomical growth in social media just changes the venue where this happens. It’s not only faster and less expensive than old models for engaging with potential customers; it’s also done when and where they want to engage, so they are more receptive.

And they are receptive a lot of the time.

Think about the fact that the biggest growth Facebook is currently seeing is on mobile devices. Why? Because people are engaging in social media wherever they are and whenever they have downtime. It’s relaxing to them, and it’s an opening for you. Consider also that short videos — the most popular kind of post —and often these are simply well-executed commercials.

Social media allows you to easily post updates, such as targeted, highly effective videos, that delight and entertain and show potential customers your values alongside your products and services.

That’s important these days because, thanks to social media as well, activism is on the rise. Your potential customers have issues they care deeply about, and you can show them that you care as well.

The Social Selling experts at Allard PPC can help you with strategic social selling and show you how this tool can amplify all your marketing efforts. We’ll show you how sending the right message at the right time will reach customers who are ready to hear from you and eager to buy from you.

Talk to us today about how we can create a social selling strategy for you or make your current social selling efforts dramatically more effective.

Allard PPC and its sister company VRA Associates seek to help clients make the most of their marketing investments. We specialize in strategic planning and, if needed, execution of all or part of that planning. We carry out detailed data tracking and analysis to help our clients understand their ROI and continually move toward the most cost effective marketing strategy.

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