Researchers, Business Marketers Can Work Together Toward Promoting Sustainability

image_4044EXETER, England — At Allard PPC, we never miss a chance to show our clients that promoting sustainability promotes their businesses to the large and growing segment of consumers who vote with their wallets.

But at a recent visit we made to the MET office in Exeter, we learned about advances to data collection and use that got us to thinking about how these changes could spill over to the field of marketing.

Currently, researchers at the MET office are looking for ways to gather the massive amounts of local data — terabytes and even petabytes of information — that are generated all over the world. The problem is that those doing the measuring use a variety of methods and systems. That makes it difficult to use all that data in a meaningful way that could lead to breakthroughs in understanding climate and the environment.

During our discussions with MET researchers, we realized that some of the changes that will help researchers might also help marketers by helping them look for ways to unite diverse sets of data in order and use them in meaningful ways to promote businesses.

The meeting left us thoughtful about where we go from here. Wherever that is, it’s an exciting time to be a marketer, a time when the aims and desires of consumers and the critical work of climate researchers could point toward a better world for everyone.

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