How Promoting Sustainability Falls in Line with Allard PPC’s Mission

ClintonDevon3DEVONSHIRE, England — Promoting businesses is what we do at Allard PPC, whether we do it via website design and construction, social media marketing, email marketing or by way of other avenues. But we always aim toward promoting sustainability at the same time. It makes sense for the businesses we represent, the communities we live in and the planet we call home.

So when we meet up with businesses that are already on this very important task, it’s a special thrill for us. That was the case this week when we met to discuss a farm to school curriculum program we’ve instituted for a U.S. client with the folks at Clinton Devon Estates. This English company is so intent on making the world a better place that it was voted among the 100 Best Small Companies to Work For by the London Sunday Times as well as receiving numerous awards for its sustainability practices.

ClintonDevon2Clinton Devon Estates focuses on farming, sustainable forestry, conservation management, deer management, commercial and residential property, among other concerns. And they approach all their efforts with an eye toward sustainability because they understand their role as stewards of the land.

It was a special pleasure to meet with them to discuss ways to bring their point of view to coming generations through a Farm School Curriculum that program we’ve instituted with clients in the U.S. (#FarmEd). Such programs educate youngsters not only about where their food comes from but also how it can be produced in a way that enhances rather than harms the environment.

ClintonDevon1Our client Dakin Dairy Farms in Sarasota, Florida not only works sustainably in an industry crowded with operators who don’t, but it also seeks to spread the word about sustainable farming practices through the Farm School Curriculum program Allard PPC helped initiate. This program not only serves Dakin Dairy Farms as a business, but it serves the community and the planet, so it’s a win all around.

Want to learn more about our unique programs that not only promote businesses but the health of our communities and planet? Contact us.

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