Impress Your Clients; Make Promotional Gift Giving an Investment in Your Company

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens Australia

People like to say it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts, but we all know it’s the gift. That’s not shallow because a gift is the outward demonstration of what you think of someone, how you feel about someone. A valuable gift carries the message that the recipient is valuable to you, and the Dollar Store gift says something too. It’s the same with promotional gifts, which is why personalized premium promotional gifts have such a forceful impact, whether they’re for the holidays or a loyalty program.

Let’s face it, few people ever tire of seeing their name in print. It’s just human nature, so why not use that knowledge to benefit your company?

With the holidays weeks away, the opportunity to make a lasting impression with personalized premium gifts for your clients is fast slipping away. Why? The run up time needed to get completed gifts to you is weeks long. There’s the time needed to decide, design, approve and deliver, and that doesn’t take into account longer shipping times, weather problems and other factors that can delay an order. And while technology has gone a long way toward compressing the time it takes from decision to delivery, you still need to think ahead, plan ahead and act — now.

This is the time of year when we urge clients who want a bang out of the holiday season to make that decision, let us create something beautiful and lasting for your holiday giving and give yourself a break from at least this serving of holiday-related stress. There’ll be no running around making last minute, possibly bad decisions about promotional gifts for your clients. That makes you look good on a lot of levels, and you always want to look good for your clients.

So start thinking about how you want your company to look when the holidays roll around this year, but, again, we urge you to make a decision sooner rather than later.

For a small increase in an investment you’re already making, you’ll get an exponentially greater impact. That premium Tervis tumbler or Polo Shirt — or any number of products that can be personalized — becomes dramatically more valuable to the receiver because it’s hers or it’s his. It compounds the feeling someone gets from receiving the gift itself with the intangible multiplier that personalization carries — prestige.

Such a gift shows the recipients in a good light, and your company shares that light.

At VRA Associates, we’ve had a lot of experience with personalization of promotional products for gifts as well as for loyalty programs. We’re here to consult with you about the promotional products that can be an investment in your company’s future and return that investment many times over. Call us today.

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