Why Hire a Jack of All Trades When You Can Hire Marketing Specialists in Various Sectors for Less?

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 14.25.09You put an announcement on LinkedIn or some jobs board in the hopes of hiring someone for your organization who can take on marketing with expertise and gusto. You can hope for a marketing specialist, someone who has depth of experience in the many facets of marketing, but the likelihood of finding that person is very low. Even if you do, they will command a high price.

At Allard PPC, we have an alternative idea, one that will deliver dramatically better communications and marketing results for your organization — not only among staff and to members, but also to the external community, local to global — for a lot less than you would pay a full time employee, with the benefits and liabilities that entails.

Allard PPC is a marketing company that has a team of experts in the fields of web development, communications and marketing in all its forms. Our marketing team is made up of top notch marketing strategists, artists, design experts, copy writers, editors, web development professionals and leading edge social media managers.

That means, no matter the job, we have an expert to handle it. We can deliver for you on creating and maintaining your online presence as well as doing any graphic design for online and print pieces (such as brochures, logos, events marketing etc.). We can provide clear, concise and compelling copy for internal communications or external marketing, article writing, as well as layout of a newsletter, image and video production or email campaigns, to name a few of the services we provide.

If it has to do with marketing and communications, Allard PPC has the team to make you look good at a fraction of what it costs for a full time employee. So rather than hiring a jack-of-all-trades (and master of none), why not hire a highly skilled team, whose members are the best in their respective fields?

If you work with us, we can design and build or redesign an engaging website that will get your organization the recognition it deserves. On that foundation, we can create a solid, elegant web presence for you that solidifies your identity and gives outsiders a sense of who you are. And we will maintain that presence in the rapidly changing web marketplace. We can help with marketing strategies that have the greatest ROI possible, and we are accountable through data tracking an analysis, meaning continuous analysis of what works and what isn’t as effective. That way, in the shifting landscape that modern marketing is, we are always working to do even better.

Contact us today to talk about your organization’s goals and how Allard PPC can help you meet them.

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