Given the degree of Awareness these days (at long last!) to the #ClimateChange Challenges we all face, there’s no better time to show what CAN be achieved when we all pull and work together. Thats Communities, Businesses, Government and more. We’re all in this Challenge together.  If your wondering How does Climate Change affect Oceans? and ” what can I do? ” You’ll be inspired to see what others have successfully achieved from all walks of life on every corner of this planet.

Our #CoastalYomping Adventures highlight not only the issues but the positive outcomes too. For insights do check out some of our previous posts on our life long Passion Conserving our Playground – The Oceans and spectacular Coastal Scenery that surrounds them.

On a side note, a great deal of the traveling has been made mostly under our own power. We’ve #Surfed #SUPed, #Kayaked and #Hiked, assisted sometimes by electric #eMTB (electric Mountain Bike), #Train for longer distances (we love the Italian ones), Wind for our Water Sports though eFoil might be in the non polluting agenda, Ship and Air only when we have to, until someone comes up with an alternative. Hyperloop the Atlantic anyone?

On the Alluring #SWCP
#CoastalYomping #SWCP

Crystal Clear Waters on the South West Coastal Path #SWCP

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