This is the Time of Year When We’re Scouting Promotional Products Shows for the Products That Give You the Greatest ROI

Version 2If you’ve been following our blog, you know that technology is becoming more and more of a factor in the promotional products arena, so we are more excited than ever to attend the annual promotional products shows that take place each January.

Allard PPC and our sister company VRA Associates use these shows to do the scouting and research necessary to offer promotional products that get our clients the most return on their investment. This year and for the foreseeable future, that means increased use of wearable and high tech promotional goods.

That’s because these products do so much more than simply put your company, brand, products and services in the public eye. High tech and wearable promotional products also provide valuable options for individualizing products as well as tracking tools, so you can gain valuable insight into what your customers want or need — perhaps even before they know.

We’re attending the first of these this week in Orlando, the ASI Show, where we’re scouting the offerings of 6,000 distributors and 700 suppliers of promotional products to bring the best back for you.

Just as we do with every aspect of promotion that we bring our clients, the promotional products we offer must deliver a return on investment that’s worthwhile. That means products that cast your company, brand or product in the best light and that — using cutting edge promotional products technology — deliver valuable perks for your customers and intel for you.

Contact us so we show you what next level marketing can do for you.

At Allard PPC, we take seriously the role of trusted partner with your business. We consult on emerging best practices in web marketing to keep you on a proactive footing and have your back if you ever need us.

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