Today, social media is a critical part of any marketing campaign. Whether you are new or experienced in the social media world successful long-term social media campaigns require quality and consistency over time to build interest and a following. Below we’ve outlined 3 key tips to begin building a solid social media foundation for successful campaigns.

1. Know Your Audience
As with any campaign start by knowing your audience —- what topics and interests are important to them and what networks do they utilize? By analyzing this data you will determine key facts on where and how to reach them socially and ensure you are not wasting time on the wrong networks.

2. Plan and Schedule Posts
Schedule time in your calendar to focus on social media and any current campaigns. At the beginning of each work week set aside 30-60 minutes to schedule social media content like Facebook posts, tweets or pins. This content should be a mix of original and curated or 3rd party content. For example share your own blog post on Monday and schedule an interesting related article for Tuesday. You can always (and should always) add additional content as it comes up but planning out a basic posting schedule as a starting point is critical.

3. Be Responsive
Social Media will never be a set it and forget it marketing tool. While you will save time by having a posting schedule in place, you will still need to take the time at least daily to respond to your followers and fans. You wouldn’t ignore an email from a customer or potential customer so consider interaction on social media in the same way. By being present on your accounts you will find that your audience is more likely to engage with you and grow.