We Scour the Industry in Search of the Promotional Products That Deliver

December may be a high point of holidays, but it’s January that steals the limelight for the promotional products industry. It’s when we meet with others in our industry to talk about what’s hot and what offers the best promotional advantage for our clients.

We’ve been to the Promotional Products Association International show earlier this month. And at this writing, we are attending the ASI (the Advertising Specialty Institute) Orlando show, where, unlike most expos where you scan and go, this event promises meaningful interaction among leading professionals. Later this month, we’ll be

Attending will be big-name suppliers, who offer the best in the premium promotional products arena.

And that’s exactly why we are here and why we attend as many of these shows as our schedules allow. We know that to do the best we can for our clients we have to be up-to-date on the newest and most effective promotional products. Because it’s only through constant innovation and creativity that promotional products continue to do the job they’re intended to do: build connections between our clients and their customers.

We all know that customers who think you take them for granted don’t hang around long.

We’ve known for years that the cutting edge in this and almost every industry is how technology is shaking things up — in a good way. Think wearables and apps that fascinate users and help them remember who’s behind the app.

These kinds of promotional and loyalty gifts are not only highly valued by recipients; they also bring high marketing intel value to our clients. How? They can turn simple loyalty programs into multifaceted marketing tools, reaching out to users when they’re in the area or reminding them that benefits await them for their patronage, among a host of other marketing avenues.

Some of us are in Orlando, but members of our team are ready to talk to you about how VRA Associates can help you stand out from your competitors in ways that bring a substantial ROI. We can help you with promotional products that are more traditional and we can help you make the best use of existing and emerging technologies in this arena.

Call us.

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