Is that time off year… Calendar time. Our Suppliers prepare for the September onslaught of requests for one of the lowest tech marketing/advertising tools available – with some of the highest returns.

Did you know that a Calendar gets viewed over 9 times a day? Despite all our digital devices, Calendars still prove to be very resilient and popular with a range themes with “Inspirational” being highly sought after.

Calendars still make a great organizational tool, when a little creativity is thrown in they get plenty of attention, like adding in some Mobile Marketing Programs with a QR code.

Now let’s gets creative with some Promotional Marketing… another “Blast from the Past”…

We had already had a fair bit of success with a Postcard Calendar concept with several Convention and Visitor Bureaus with St Petersburg Clearwater CVB having the most benefit from their sizable campaign.

The calendar was unique – being that the center of the calendar had a horizontal perforated line allowed the lower half to be used as a Postcard on each of the twelve pages. The cards in-turn would be sent out to friends and family giving the calendar a higher degree of reach. Lastly the back page had a map of attractions and more contact information.

We took this concept a degree further with SWIA, with touches that included art from a renowned artist Alan S. Maltz who also had banners of his artwork displayed throughout the airport for the grand opening. The game plan was to also have these calendars made available for purchase at several locations within the airport for future runs.

A few quick tips:

  1. Order early. The first quarter is the best time to order when factories are relatively idle, you’ll also receive the best pricing. The order can be produced ahead of the optimum Q 4 delivery date.
  2. Add a QR code, barcode, coupons and CTA’s (calls-to-action), you’ll get some terrific “bang-for-your-buck”. It’s also the opportunity to promote your Social Media channels too.
  3. High quality pictures and graphics are essential to captivate the user.
  4. Add a distinct contact number and/or address to track the effectiveness of your Calendar program.

Some markets that benefit from Calendars that we’ve worked in the past: Hospitality, Tourism, Ecotourism, Auto Dealerships (automobile calendars are highly popular), Air Conditioning Contractors, Non-Profits use them for Fundraising, team building and volunteers

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