An Argument for Great Blog Content

Hand writing Time for Content concept with blue marker on transparent wipe board.If you’ve been paying attention even a little to the web marketing tactics that are effective, that are bringing businesses new clicks and clients, you’ve no doubt heard that “Content is King.” That’s why, at Allard PPC, we’ve been encouraging our clients to step up their blog content game so they are well established in this realm long before others know it exists.

What search engines like Google want — what they reward with high rankings — is content that is useful to their users. It’s that simple and seemingly that easy. Yet reaching the point where your blog is the “go to” place for expertise and ideas is clearly not simple nor is it easy.

A consistently good and relevant blog, one that the search engines like, won’t come from using a computer program, intern or low-paid office worker to write posts. Those have to come from the expert, the one with the idea.

And there’s the rub.

What entrepreneur has time to create relevant, engaging content while running a business?

Our aim at Allard PPC is to equip our clients to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It’s part and parcel of our stated mission to provide “Smarketing Solutions for Business, Community and Planet.” But while we strongly encourage and educate our clients about the importance regular, quality blog posts, we also know that the majority of business owners would rather focus on running the business than writing.

It’s why we offer the services of veteran content creators — many of our writers are former journalists — to do it for them. Depending on what works best for the client, we can research and write about a topic, conduct a brief interview of the company expert and write or base a blog post on literature and information provided by the client.

So our clients invest little or no time writing blog posts, yet they reap the benefits.

At Allard PPC, we take seriously the role of trusted partner with your business. We consult on emerging best practices in web marketing to keep you on a proactive footing, and we have your back if you ever need us.

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