We’re Sending a Figurative “Message in a Bottle” to Draw Attention to Water Issues

You must pay close attention sometimes in order to hear a cry for help, especially a subtle one that shows up in events that could easily be lumped in with what’s “natural.”

Natural covers a lot.

Even when the cry comes in dramatic form, such as sharply declining fish stocks, more frequent algal blooms, more severe hurricanes or ancient, majestic cliffs falling into the sea, it can be easy to miss. We live in a world that gives us plenty of excuses not to pay attention; besides which, who wants to focus on the troubles our planet is facing?

But as much as we rejoice in the stunning beauty that nature offers us every day, we at Allard PPC and VRA Associates agreed to take a moment to highlight some of the environmental problems the natural world is facing in every corner of the globe.

We’re doing this by sharing our outdoor adventures in the hopes that you’ll find some of your own, fall in love with some part of nature and work to protect it, just like the folks who did just that for The Celery Fields in Sarasota.

We’ve recently mentioned that our founder, Ross Allard, is using his holiday this year to return home to Devonshire, England and begin a hiking and high-tech cycling journey that will eventually cover the 630 miles of Britain’s South West Coast Path.

What we haven’t explained is that, for the cycling part of this adventure, this is not just any bike. This journey is certain to be deeply rewarding on a personal level for Ross, but it also offers an opportunity to raise awareness about local, regional, national and global issues facing our watersheds and coasts.

For those unfamiliar, Britain’s South West Coastal Path is a national treasure, a favorite of locals and a destination for people from all over the world. Even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve seen it in movies and on TV. It’s the stunning and dramatic setting for shows such as “Poldark,” “The Last Kingdom,” and others. So it’s easy to see why it’s worth saving.

This journey is certain to be deeply rewarding on a personal level for Ross. Devonshire is his home. And while this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it comes when the iconic shoreline is facing serious erosion issues due to climate change. On a bright note, Ross feels the trip calls attention to these problems in ways that could help, while also raising awareness about local, regional, national and global issues facing our watersheds and coasts and the losses to tourism and the hospitality industry if the destruction goes unchecked.

On an even brighter note, the bike Ross is using showcases the way existing and emerging technologies makes nature more and more accessible. We believe that the more fans the environment has, the better it will do in the public forum.

The Trek e-Bike from the folks at www.bigpeaks.com gives Ross the option of pedaling or letting the electric motor do some of the work. It’s environmentally friendly in its impact as well as how it offers greater access to the outdoors.

So follow us on this journey that will also include side trips to visit environmental groups working to protect seagrasses and touching base with scientists on the frontline of understanding climate change.

that we’ll be sharing in this space. It’s the next logical step for us since beginning our work here in Sarasota for better water quality (LINK). Now, we want to take the message global because we firmly believe it’s not too late to turn things around.

We just need to pay attention to nature’s call for help.

And respond.

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