Concept of fast internet with running businessman with a laptopEvery morning, in newsrooms around the country, journalists plan “quick hits” for the day’s paper, stories that are important and timely — and useful to readers. A “quick hit” isn’t necessarily the in-depth version of a story. Rather, it’s a story aimed at getting the information out there — quickly. Today, Allard PPC brings you marketing’s version of this approach to news with #AllardPPCquickHits.

#AllardPPCquickHits are digestible nuggets of useful information for the busy marketing professional or business owner. We’ll find the pertinent stories and explain why you should pay attention to them.

If it’s important to us — if it advances our purpose of providing Smarketing Solutions for Business, Community and Planet — you’ll find it here as soon as we learn about it.

Keep tabs on marketing’s cutting edge with #AllardPPCquickHits.

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