After last weeks field trip at Lido Key with E.G Bennington the Naturalist and the Eco-Tigers students the ” Scene on Green ” program is on a roll and gaining momentum

It’s taken several years of planning to craft this program which gone through several iterations ” Be Natures Guest” being one of them; a major difference now is the use of Social Media, Mobile and Cloud based technology and concepts have been employed to create and develop a system that could be easily emulated once our collaboration group provides a well thought out “Tool Kit” with the expertise to back it up; at all levels —including the students!

The most intriguing part of this concept is that we found a way that it benefits EVERYONE involved from theCorporations that provide sponsorship and get unlimited ongoing Brand Lift (which is just small fraction of their benefits) and gives them even more reasons to sponsor more programs all the way through to the community businesses and even more-so the students involved helping potentially to build their own career paths in something they are passionate about.

The timing is right, there’s a tremendous “feel good” factor which we have already seen with all those involved. Everyone wants “in”, which is even better.

The program benefits a diverse range of stakeholders generating economic results through environmental stewardship.

So who would want to become involved and why?

Who: Partners include: travel organizations, hotels and rental properties, environmentally focused non-profits, educational institutions, public sector and area businesses.

Target audiences include: regional visitors, local citizens, community organizations and sporting events

Why: To demonstrate superior strategic alignment of multiple community sectors  achieving economic resilience, distinctive visitor experiences, and measurable positive environmental impact.

And that’s just the start!

More information to follow; in the interim contact us a or on our Eco Programs Pageon this site

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