The numbers are astounding — whilst watching a Sports event such as the Olympics, the latest marketing data from emarketer points to the accelerated rise of Tablet and SmartPhone use whilst watching the TV.  It’s the opportunity to get stats, pictures and tweets on your favorite Team and/or Sports Star whilst the action is taking place or during the commercials. Bearing in mind that over 63% of the population in the United States consider themselves a Sports fan, so the numbers are huge.

It gets better when, as in our own case we’ve received some of the best pictures and content via our Reuters app, with schedules, medal counts and participant information is at our finger tips. The Reuters app really is the best app we’ve found for the games. We completely give it a 3 thumbs up.


So a nice segway into Gamefication.  Gamification as it is sometimes misspelled  is a technology that is just plain outright engaging. We have friends that play a gizillion (or it seems that way) online word games just far starters and according the a recent Wiki i read on the subject;  it’s a Human Disposition to be engaged in Games and there’s also the Social aspect too.


Whats the main advantage to a Mobile Marketing Promotions that includes a game?

#1 it gives a terrific opportunity to engage with an existing or potential opt-in customer on an ongoing basis provided the Game, Content and Offers are thoughtfully and creatively structured.    Which leads into our next blog and a program in the works for Auto Dealerships… to be continued.

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