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Charities, Universities and Collegiate are all looking for some Fundraising ideas to help create additionalINCOME and AWARENESS. We might have some ideas for you…

Here’s recent success story of some Custom Tennis Bracelets we had designed and created for the Child Protection Center.
Now we’re into full-swing with a second run and a new improved design after receiving feedback from recipients and donors which are one-and-the-same. The design added a several new elements, resizing, type of bead, bead colours closer to the Charity Brand colours to improve on the the already well received design.

We’re very lucky to have a Special working Relationship with the award winning Diane Katzman who’s creative talents were put to good use in the design of the latest Tennis Bracelet. We collaborated together on the design and the elements needed to achieve the desired result.

It’s the same reason why Susan G. Komen, the American Heart Association, Make-A-Wish and other organizations turn to Diane Katzman to create meaningful jewelry, ties, scarves, bookmarks, key chains, desk accessories and gifts that tug at donors’ heart-strings. A social entrepreneur with a “pay it forward” philosophy, Diane was recently named an “Icon of St Louis” and honored with St. Louis’ Women of Achievement Award for Creative Philanthropy.

It was at the Promotional Products trade show in Orlando that we first met, when Diane was speaking in an educational session. Diane’s passion for her work was obvious and I was looking for some unique solutions for Charities and Cause Sponsorship programs that we were already working on. We were soon brain-storming within weeks of the Trade Show and the Tennis Bracelet for Child Protection Center was the first result.

A Philanthropic Marketing plan: Our client PGT Industries committed to sponsoring Child Protection Center. PGT Industries were already well renown for their Philanthropic work and this was a great program for them to throw their weight behind; many of the employees were onboard too.

An Intergrated Solution: We brought to the table the added benefits of being a Inbound Marketing Agency (HubSpot certified), being able to offer the advantages of a higher degree of visibility via our internet expertise in Social Media, Blogging etc. Another benefit was the evergreening of the program with ongoing online recognition.

Either way the net result is “Goal achieved”, Charity generates FUNDS they need, Recipients receive a UNIQUE Gift, perfect for the Holidays I might add. Best of all… The Children, Volunteers and dedicated staff get the help they deserve!

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