#FarmEd Plants the Seeds of Sustainability with the Next Generation

#FarmEd_Dakin_AllardPPC(ip)It’s always a good thing when the aims of an industry are in line with the overall wellbeing of humanity and the planet. That may sound overstated, but #FarmEd is all that — a program that has its roots in the idea of two forward thinking teachers, who brought it to Dakin Dairy Farms. Dakin asked us to help them expand it, and for more than five years, Allard PPC and its collaborative team have worked on the design of the program we branded #FarmED that aims to grow public awareness of sustainable farming while growing Dakin’s business as well.

#FarmED does this by introducing youngsters to farming, but not just any farming. Dakin Dairy Farm takes a keen interest in farming practices that enhance the health of the land. The program also teaches youngsters that this choice is possible and that they can support sustainable farming when shopping for food. They leave understanding that there’s a difference between factory-farmed food and food that is sustainably produced — the way they do it at Dakin.

We saw similar concepts in play on a recent visit to Clinton Devon Estates, where they are bringing a new level of sustainability to farming and agribusiness in general. Clinton Devon also takes part in forestry and is a protector of England’s stunning and biologically diverse heaths.

#FarmED_Dakin_Hay_AllardPPC(ip)We believe #FarmED will grow and sustainable farms will grow with it because this educational program also indirectly promotes Dakin Dairy Farm and its business interests. Youngsters invariably tell their parents what they learned, and in a truly grassroots and positive way, Dakin is then on parents’ shopping radar. That means more sales of its dairy products and juice as well as a growing awareness of its other initiative — that of becoming a unique event locale that offers a setting of rarely seen Florida beauty.

If your company, group or family would like to learn more about sustainable farming or schedule a one of a kind, unforgettable event, call us.

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