Every day is Earth Day at Allard PPC.

We join forces with corporate clients like Tervis, which has been manufacturing high-quality reusable plastic drinkware since 1946. Tervis also recycles drinkware that is returned to the company, and recently partnered with 4Ocean on a record-setting cleanup of Sarasota County’s Siesta Beach and surrounding beaches.

In England, a record-smashing 45,771 people showed up for the annual Surfers Against Sewage Big Beach Clean, removing 17,700 full bin bags of plastic.

A total of 45,771 people turned out for Surfers Against Sewage’s Big Spring Beach Cleans. Volunteers, including these pictured at North Devon, filled 17,700 full bin bags of plastic pollution. [PHOTO PROVIDED / SURFERS AGAINST SEWAGE / PETE COX]

With the effects of climate change being felt worldwide, now is the time to act. The Earth Day Network has declared 2020 as a key turning point for the planet. Click here to find out more about what you can do to help the environment.

Businesses are heeding the call to appeal to sustainable shoppers, who are looking more toward their environmental values when making purchasing decisions.

According to the most recent sustainability report by Nielsen:

–In the U.S., sustainably minded shoppers will spend up to $150 billion on consumer goods.
–64 percent of U.S. households buy sustainable products, which is up 4 percentage points from the previous year.
–Sustainable shoppers are more likely to be digitally engaged, and they use their devices to research and purchase products aligned with their health and sustainability values.

Businesses must answer the call to provide sustainable products or engage in practices that reflect their customers’ values when it comes to saving the planet. Inaction on those fronts could cost companies millions of dollars.

It takes all of us working together and individually to save the planet and protect our oceans.

In Great Britain, Surfers Against Sewage asks environmental advocates to sign a petition asking the prime minister to enact powerful laws and enforce targets for governments and big business.

SAS issued this plea:
“As #GenerationSea we call on you to:
• Stop plastic pollution in our oceans and rivers.
• Act fast on climate change.
• Don’t let sewage back in the sea and onto beaches.
• Fully protect areas for sea life to flourish.”

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