Individuals, Organizations and Government Are All Part of the Solution to Our Environmental Problems

Waterford_Embankment_AllardPPC_ipThere’s no question that we’re facing some serious environmental challenges these days. The headlines are full of stories about climate change fallout, and closer to home here in Florida, we’re seeing toxic algae blooms choke our waterways, not only destroying wildlife and the state’s natural beauty, but also destroying our outdoor lifestyle and the value of our homes and property.

There’s a lot of finger pointing going on. It was no surprise to learn that nutrients from agricultural runoff reaching Lake Okeechobee and being pumped to both coasts was in some part to blame. To blame as well are other sources of polluted water — leaky septic tanks and runoff from development and residential use of fertilizer.

But amid the depressing news, we at Allard PPC want to point out that we all have a part to play in mitigating these problems. You may say, “What can one person do?” And we’ll tell you it’s a lot. We’re seeing individuals, companies — particularly B-Corporations whose stated mission is to benefit society as well as their shareholders — governments and even homeowner associations doing what they can to improve things. We’re deeply hopeful that these positive steps can begin turning the tide for ourselves and our planet.

It’s why Allard PPC is seeking B-Corp status, something you’ll be hearing more about from us in the near future. It’s why we partner with local organizations and government to improve water quality on whatever scale we can. Small steps lead to bigger steps, and soon the problems don’t seem so intimidating. That’s also our hope.

So while we are a for-profit company seeking to improve our own lot, we take seriously our responsibility to our neighbors, community and planet.

Talk to us today about how we can work together in business and in helping to find solutions to the environmental problems facing all of us.

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