One of the latest trends “Eco-Cycology” reported in the latest TrendWatching briefing, shows how companies are working on taking back all old items from customers, and then actually doing something constructive with them.

In Europe the regulations have become much tougher and many Brands in the US like Nike, Patagonia for example are implementing their own eco program stategies, Dell for instance will take back electrical equipment at participating Goodwill locations.

Numerous states and cities in the US such as San Diego, Seattle and San Francisco  have initiated their own programs with changes in recycling laws.

There’s plenty of opportunity to “get creative” with Social Marketing and Philanthropic Marketing with programs like these, for instance several years ago we were involved with a Christmas competition for an Engineering company that had each department create a Holiday Gift out of recycled or waste materials, which was then sold off to the highest bidder to generate a donation for a specific Non-Profit Institution. It was a terrific success and VERY, VERY competitive at the departmental level. So much so that judges outside of the company had to be brought in to ensure impartiality!

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