The starting point of a creative — and effective — promotional campaign is Premium Lip Balm

dda_Lip Balm Flyer_REVISEWe’ve talked a lot about how common dental promotional products miss the mark when it comes to putting your practice “out there” because they rarely leave the patient’s bathroom. We’ve told you that patients not only deeply appreciate a gift of premium lip balm but that they also use it — in public, resulting in thousands of impressions for under a dollar.

What we want to talk about next is how these premium lip balms, used in tandem with social media campaigns, can amplify your message and literally make you a household name.

For instance, lip balms with your practice logo can be individualized with a different number for each patient who receives one. So you can announce weekly drawings for gifts and services on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to drive traffic there and to your website. This generates conversations about you and your practice, what we call buzz.

It’s all about engagement. That’s the marketing today that gets results. For lack of a better way to put it, social media engagement lays the groundwork for strong relationships between you and your patients and, by extension, their friends. These people can be a wellspring of patients for your practice.

Broad Spectrum Lip Balms-1That’s because personal recommendation is the most powerful and organic marketing tool there is. And it’s the most effective. Would you rather take the recommendation of an advertisement or a friend?

Talk to us today about how a simple elegant product like quality lip balm can being new patients to your door.

Allard PPC and its sister company VRA Associates seek to help clients make the most of their marketing investments. We specialize in strategic planning and, if needed, execution of all or part of that planning. We carry out detailed data tracking and analysis to help our clients understand their ROI and continually move toward the most cost effective marketing strategy.

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