Our Recommendations on Where to Begin

Just as good customer service is just a part of how we do what we do at VRA Associates and our sister company Allard PPC, so too is passing along useful information when that’s appropriate.

Today, the information involves cybersecurity.

We all know this is among the most important issues of our time, especially for businesses that engage in e-commerce.

We also know how sensitive this topic can be, but we want to stress that if you haven’t already talked to a cybersecurity expert about your company and its footing in this regard, you really should.

Why do we encourage you to seek advice from companies besides ours? After all, our bailiwick is marketing and promotional products, not security. But, if the situation were reversed, we’d want to hear this recommendation from you.

Because it’s exactly how we’d want to be treated if the situation were reversed. Doing so is in keeping with our rule to treat others as we’d like to be treated. It’s a question that makes it easy to decide how we treat anyone is any situation. It’s also one that has garnered us the respect and loyalty of our customers over years of doing business with them.

So while we can’t tell you how to safeguard data your data, we can tell you how important it is that you do, that you begin by protecting data with common sense.

This is the first level approach to security recommended by top cybersecurity experts as a starting point for a proactive cybersecurity stance. And please note that this blog piece is not a substitute for engaging one of those experts yourself:

· Collect only the information you need.
· Control who has access to the information based on their “need to know.”
· Require the use of strong passwords by users and have lock out systems in place to limit attempts by wouldbe hackers.
· Store sensitive information securely and protect it during transmission.
· Segment your network and only allow access to areas with information by those who need it.
· Secure remote access at entry points to your network.
· Require your service providers to maintain best practices for cybersecurity.
· Remain current with potential threats and treat all of them seriously.
· Secure paper data and devices that have access to your network or its information.

Additionally, we recommend you review this piece by the BBC about protecting your digital life.

As we said above, this is the beginning of good security, and we strongly recommend that our customers take their cybersecurity seriously to protect themselves and their clients.

At VRA Associates and Allard PPC, we never forget that you chose us, and we seek always to exceed your expectations and delight you with the products we produce and the work we do for you.

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