earth day 2

Every year Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. Not only is this your chance to give back to the planet Earth but it’s a great and unique opportunity for a meaningful marketing campaign to drive engagement. AllardPPC has a few ideas for you to grow your reach and add an Earth Day social media campaign into your marketing mix.

Utilize Earth Day Hashtags

Your should already be using hashtags in your daily posts and campaigns but this is the perfect opportunity to get in on a trending conversation – Earth Day! Share meaningful Earth Day content and related images (your own or even 3rd party content) and add key hashtags such as #EarthDay, #EarthDay2015 and #EarthDayEveryday. Use of these trending hashtags will expand your reach and potentially grow your fan base.

Encourage Fans to Share Their Earth Day Story

People, including your fans, love to see themselves featured. Run a cross-promotion on Facebook and Instagram that encourages your fans to share how they celebrate Earth Day and protect the Earth for the future. As a reward for sharing their story, highlight fans on your Facebook page in your cover photo and page posts. To take it a step further and randomly select a few entrants to receive a gift for participating such as a branded reusable bag or water bottle.