Before February of 2009 we were asked by Robert J along with our companies VRA and Allard PPC to participate in the San Ramon Eco-Festival which was, “WAS” being the operative word here, sadly cancelled due to the recession.

It was quite a line-up including Ed Begley Jr and Rachelle and several HGTV stars to name but a few. My stint and certainly was not quite in the same league, was to talk on my passions, the protection of the marine environment, water pollution and in particular Coastal and Wetland Restoration. We even created an after event WaterShed in Linden Labs Second Life where as an Avatar you would have been able to walk through the virtual watershed after first landing in the ‘Orientation Room” which of course had an Oriental theme just for fun.
More to follow on the virtual aspect at a later date though.


The theme was “Good Green Fun for Everyone” and our companies involvement was to come up with marketing ideas for Green and Eco Promotional Products, incentives, freebies and giveaways then create event packages for sponsorship CSR companies. We were also on the hunt for reusable and or recyclable items for the vendors going the “act local buy local” route, even finding a Cal based supplier of bamboo plates and utensils. All the drink-ware including the water and bike bottles were Made in the USA , Prop 65 compliant and reusable. Doing the act local though even at this time was not the easiest thing to do as much of the manufacturing was now overseas and then there was the cost factor. We could and can import but choose to do our best sourcing domestic product first. Mission accomplished, but the event organizers were already running into sponsorship problems, two of the main sponsors backing out as the recession began to take a even tighter grip….

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