Strategic Planning in Marketing is Necessary to the Long Term Health of Any Company

The SWOT analysis is a strategic method used in order to evaluate Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and ThreatsWhen the online magazine E-Marketer asked business owners around the globe what hindsight had taught them about their 2015 priorities, half said they wish they’d have spent more time on strategic planning. More than a third said they wish they’d have spent more money on it as well.

That sentiment reflects what we at Allard PPC have been telling our clients for years: If you have the time to invest in strategic planning, do it because seat-of-the-pants marketing is as effective as seat of the pants neurosurgery. You might get lucky, but do you want to take that chance?

The fact is that most entrepreneurs are too busy running their businesses to put enough effort into understanding what’s working for them and, more importantly, what’s not. We believe that for a business to reach its full potential there has to be a strategic approach that continuously looks at efficiency and effectiveness to make the most of any marketing budget.

You can’t sell your brand or service without inventory or talent. Neither can you reach the biggest possible pool of customers without proper, well-managed marketing.

There’s nothing wrong with doing it yourself, but you must spend the time to understand marketing trends and emerging technology and the reporting — the analytics — that are the foundation of an ongoing and proactive marketing strategy.

Our clients tell us they’d rather spend that time growing their businesses and innovating. They still take part in marketing decisions but let us do the ongoing analysis and course adjustments and, when necessary, the execution of their marketing strategy.

If you do hire an agency, whether it’s Allard PPC or anyone else, we strongly recommend that you vet that agency. Do your homework and understand what kind of track record and commitment to quality service the agency has and how they hold themselves accountable to you.

Call us today and let us show you that strategic marketing, done right, is cost effective and has a hefty ROI.

Allard PPC and its sister company VRA Associates seek to help clients make the most of their marketing investments. We specialize in strategic planning and, if needed, execution of all or part of that planning. We carry out detailed data tracking and analysis to help our clients understand their ROI and continually move toward the most cost effective marketing strategy.

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