At Allard PPC, We’re Happy to See Other Businesses Taking Their Environmental Efforts Well Past Earth Day With Green Promotional Products

We’ve moved past Earth Day 2016, and what’s heartening for us here at Allard PPC is that other businesses are taking on the mantel of environmental stewardship beyond paying tribute once a year. That means using green practices and green promotional products.

As water enthusiasts and outdoors people in general, we appreciate clean water and lots of trees, but we have long understood that a clean environment is not only good for having fun; it’s also good for business.

As a company, we are committed to using green practices ourselves, but we have also advanced the cause of clean water as well as promoting sustainability every chance we get. For years, we have sought to educate the public about myriad environmental concerns while at the same time offering solutions that give people incentives to do the right thing when it comes to Mother Earth.

Again, we want to remind everyone — consumers and business owners alike — that taking a sustainable approach to business practices while still seeking a healthy bottom line does not mean you are at cross purposes.

Quite the contrary.

It’s important to note that more and more consumers are voting with their wallets when it comes to the environment. So it’s in the best interest of any business — whether you’re a conservationist at heart or simply a savvy business person — to learn what works toward sustainability, do what works and lead others to the same path.

At Allard PPC, we are serious about looking beyond the bottom line and being active in our community to improve environmental awareness and education. We believe that this approach in integral to not only our success as a company but also the success of our clients. Please visit our blog for articles on environmental stewardship, sustainable practices and wise water use.

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