Why do we enjoy what we do? Certainly one of the primary drivers and benefits working with clients in Cause Sponsorship programs is the end result; in this case the kids benefitting from the sponsorship donation(s) this past week by PGT Industries to the Child Protection Center in Sarasota.


For our part we help make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible for ALL the parties — which saves time, effort and hassle –  allowing everyone to do their part in the most effective and enjoyable way.EVERYONE benefits in the process.

The end result — big smiles, all of us achieving the primary objective… to help the Children in need of CPC services  and supporting the ongoing terrific team efforts by the Child Protection Center.

Without the likes of companies like PGT Industries and their employees that rose to the occasion, none of this indeed would have been possible. From all of us…   Thank You


For more information on how we can help in your Cause Sponsorship program call 888.839.1220 extension 100 or email info@allardppc.com

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