Anyone seeking the public’s attention who’s been paying attention knows that you can’t just scattershot your message and hope for results.

Technology has made it easier for consumers to skip or totally ignore advertisements, and many are opting to do just that.

We’ve seen this coming for a while now at Allard PPC. In fact, just because we like to save money and share what we’ve learned, we were early adopters — or maybe a better term is ditchers — of traditional cable TV. It’s a move toward alternate devices for watching video content that saved us money as well as time, since we choose what we watch and when. We also choose whether we want to watch commercials.

And while this is closing doors for advertisers, we are certain to see other avenues to reach consumers. And here’s what’s important: It will be in ways that they choose and force marketers to produce salient, entertaining content, making any engagement likely to be more productive for both parties.

Learn more about how consumers are finding new ways to watch content in this Nielsen piece: TV-CONNECTED DEVICES PAVE THE WAY FOR NEW WAYS TO WATCH CONTENT.

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