You may have noticed we talk about sustainability a lot at Allard PPC, and you might wonder why. 

There are the obvious answers — that we care about the environment, that we want the world to understand our values. But what makes us credible? 

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Here are the facts: 

  • At Allard PPC, we do care about the environment — deeply. Our company tag line isn’t just a nice-sounding group of words. We live and breathe “Sustainable Solutions for Business, Community and Planet.”  We do it by being active in our community’s environmental efforts at the citizen and government levels. So you’ll see that in our deeds as well as our words — our water quality projects and blog items that have nothing to do with selling our products and everything to do with helping the planet heal.
  • We do want to share our values. For that reason, we do our level best to lead by example. We offer our corporate clientele an easy way to be more proactive with “turnkey sustainability” with eye-catching, headline-grabbing, sustainable services and products we’ve curated for their environmental impact — or lack thereof. 

Of course, there are those who might say all of this is a marketing ploy, that we want to ride the growing awareness about the state of the environment. Hat tip to Greta Thunberg, by the way.

We would point to our track record that long pre-dates that popularity. We’ve been doing this for a lot longer than it’s been popular. 

In Country music parlance, we were sustainable when sustainable wasn’t cool. We were tree huggers when it was an insult.

While Ross Allard, our founder, and an avid water sportsman, half-jokes that he wants to protect his playground, the truth is this is about so much more than that, and we make it clear through our actions.

But indeed we do want to catch the wave of popularity environmentalism is seeing and perhaps, as a company that has been long advocating for Mother Earth, we want to offer those newer to the movement some leadership. 

We’re hoping the wave or corporate leadership around environmental sustainability is beginning to build. So with that in mind, if you and your company are serious about joining us in our ongoing efforts to “do good,” here are some things we’ve learned along the way. 

First, do what you can do. Sounds simple, but you have to ask yourself if you’re doing whatever you can to operate in as sustainable a manner as possible. That’s everything from recycling the trash in the breakroom to supporting great causes with your wallet.

Get involved where you can to help government leaders make good choices, whether you do it by supporting leaders already in the fold or convincing those outside what you’re trying to accomplish.

And of course, spread the good word by using sustainable services and promotional products and talking about these issues openly. 

In this past, this was hazardous to businesses, but now, thanks to growing awareness about environmental issues at the local, regional, national and global levels, it’s what people want. 

Surveys show that consumers given a choice will more often choose the sustainable option. It’s why we’ve pushed our suppliers in this direction. And we’ve promoted loyalty promotional products to put the brakes on single-use plastics.

It’s pretty simple once you understand that we have nothing to lose with this approach and an entire, healthy planet to gain. 

So talk to us today about how your company can work with us on sustainability projects and through strategic marketing that not only makes a difference in your bottom line but also in the world.