Digimarc and Variable Print Are Powerful Promotional Product Tools for Bringing New and Repeat Customers Through Loyalty Programs and Tracking ROI

ppc_tervis-2Promotional products have changed over the many years that businesses have been savvy enough to offer them, but never have they changed this much, this fast. Technology that directs users to a website or landing page and makes individualized marking and tracking possible is transforming how companies reward loyal customers and entice new ones.

Digimarc and variable print used together or separately are powerful tools in promotional campaigns because they go beyond the traditional promotional products, harnessing consumer use patterns that inform marketing strategy.

They are particularly powerful when used in loyalty rewards programs for which each program participant or member must have a way of showing their individual member number or ID. This is how loyalty programs work, making membership an exclusive experience. Variable print and Digimarc take loyalty programs to the next level by directing users to a website or landing page and making tracking of customer use simple.

This level of feedback allows your company to be proactive and allow for course corrections with its marketing strategy, so it is as effective as it can be.

Over the coming year at Allard PPC and through strategic planning with our sister company VRA Associates, we will be offering premium promotional gifts — such as Tervis tumblers. These can be mass-produced and yet printed with each loyalty program participant’s unique number.

VRA Associates is a Tervis Authorized Distributor, awarded Premium status, affording special volume discount pricing and specializing in large bid opportunities.

Along with variable printing, we can add a Digimarc watermark as well.

Digimarc works like a QR code embedded in an image of your brand or an image of your choosing. Digimarc watermarks are invisible to the naked eye but readable by a scanner that operates the same way as QR and bar code scanners.

A mobile app lets users scan the image, and you decide where it takes them, whether that’s to your website, a promotional site or anywhere else on the Internet.

Variable print and Digimarc watermarks used together — or separately — to create an unforgettable impression are the leading edge of premium promotional gifts.

Talk to us about how we can help you amaze your customers with gifts that are unique, along with being powerful marketing tools for your company.

Allard PPC and its sister company VRA Associates seek to help clients make the most of their marketing investments. We specialize in strategic planning and, if needed, execution of all or part of that planning. We carry out detailed data tracking and analysis to help our clients understand their ROI and continually move toward the most cost effective marketing strategy.

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